Air Ticketing
We offer express air ticketing services, air booking services, air travel ticketing services, domestic air ticketing services and international air ticketing services, which include both the Domestic and International airline tickets. We have tie-ups with major travel agents, airlines and their representatives. So, you just plan your itinerary and we organise it in such a manner that you would be bound to share the experience with your friends and family members.
Pick Up & Drop Facility
We offer the pick and drop facility from airports and air strips. This is a special facility, which primarily aims to make it convenient for our guests to reach their destinations in a hassle free manner. There are a number of instances, when unscrupulous taxi operators and touts, hassle the visitors and make a hell of it. Our Pick up and drop facility is one of ours luxury service for our customers. Against this backdrop, we make sure that a car is at the airport well on time and the driver/travel guide with a placard receives you at the arrival lounge/station exit.
Hotel Booking & Transfer
We make your tour a memorable one by providing Hotel Booking service for some of luxurious hotels at different places in East Africa. Our advanced experience in the field grants us the capability of providing Hotel Booking for different hotels as per the requirement of the clients. We provide budget conscious travelers with some of the affordable hotel accommodations.