Kereita Forest
The Kereita Forest at the southern-most end of the Aberdares range has many interesting hiking trails and features like the Kereita Cave and Waterfalls established by the Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO), a local CBO that works to conserve this rich biodiversity. One of these trails, the Carbacid trail, leads to Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River, and the adjacent cave that is home to a small bat colony. Kereita Forest bears the distinction of being the site of mass graves where over 5,000 victims of revenge attacks on the local population by the British colonial administration were buried. These reprisals were triggered by the so called Lari Massacre in March 1953. The Carbacid trail passes by Elephant Pool, a large natural water body that Elephants love to frolic in. Also key is the Carbacid managed natural CO2 reservoirs
Hells gate national park
This is the one do-not-miss attraction around Naivasha! Like no other experience biking among the zebra, giraffes, and other wildlife, much more real than sitting in a safari van. Hike the gorge with a guide, and enjoy breathtaking landscape views that inspired The Lion King. Tips: Arrive right as the park opens around 6:30 AM for the best wildlife viewing. Bikes at the highway drop off point costs average of Kshs.700.00. It's downhill biking nearly all the way into the park, so prepare for a slow gradual uphill exit when you leave in the hot midday sun. The gorge hike will require some short climbing (not a leisurely stroll), but you have a guide to assist scaling or descending some of the rocks.